The following information about some of our office policies will help you to become better acquainted with the way the office works.

Office Hours Fall 2016:

Monday                                             9:30A – 3:00P

Tuesday                                            9:30A – 3:00P

Wednesday                                       10:00A – 5:00P

Thursday                                           10:00A – 3:00P

Closed Fridays.

Telephone calls to the doctor:  Unless in an acute emergency you will not be able to talk to the doctor during office hours.  Please leave your question with the office staff.  Complex medical issues require an office visit or at the least, a telephone consultation at regular fees.

Emails to the doctor: Due to confidentiality issues, we can not correspond by email in regards to medical questions or concerns.  If you have a medical question or concern, please call our office staff.  Complex medical issues require an office visit or at the least, a telephone consultation at regular fees.

Emergencies: In case of a medical emergency call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room.

Lab fees: The Anti-Aging & Family Wellness Group believes that a proactive approach to healthcare is the best medicine for prevention of illness.  There are several tests that your insurance carrier may not deem medically necessary and therefore will not reimburse.  If you do not have medical insurance, there are some local providers that do provide discounts for cash payments.  Please call our office for more information.  631.377.3575.

Lab results: We will only call you with the results of blood tests or other labs if they contain critical values that need immediate attention.  Otherwise, we will discuss lab results during your next doctor visit.  make sure to book a follow up appointment whenever you have blood drawn or any other lab procedure performed.  You will not be able to get results without consulting with the doctor.

Consultations with the doctor: Consultations can either be in person or on the telephone.

Request for medical records:  Each time you see the doctor you will be provided with a printed or digital copy of your lab records.  If additional records are requested by you or by an authorized third party such as another doctor’s office or insurance provider, you will be required to pay the Anti-Aging & Family Wellness Group a minimum fee of $20 plus a $.50 per page fee for reproduction of any part of your chart requested, only if authorized by the patient.

Changing or cancelling appointments: Please let us know as early as possible if you need to change your doctor’s appointment.  We regret that we must charge for missed or changed appointments unless we are given one full business day’s notice (business days are Monday to Thursday).  For changes within one full business day, you will be responsible for the full service fee.

Renewal of medications:  Unless you schedule a follow-up visit every six months, we cannot renew your prescription.  Renewal of medication should be done well in advance.  We do not refill medication after office hours when your medical record is unavailable for review.  To get refills please have your pharmacy fax us a refill request at (631) 377-3573.

Supplement orders:  You can either order directly from this website or you can reorder your supplements by calling our office at (631) 377-3575 or emailing your orders to

All services must be paid in full at the time of service.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Debit Cards, checks and cash for all services and products.

We do not accept any form of insurance.  However, we do provide a detailed receipt so that you can bill your own insurance for possible reimbursement.

Limitation of Service:

The Anti-Aging & Family Wellness Group will not replace your existing, primary care physician.  it is your responsibility to continually get your basic medical checkups by a qualified Internist or Family Physician.

To schedule an appointment at the Anti-Aging & Family Wellness Group, please call our office at (631) 377-3575 or click here to become a new patient.